Linn's longest running product, the iconic Sondek LP12 remains as one of the best, if not the best choice to enjoy your vinyl. We specialise in Linn's turntables and are fully equipped to assist you with choosing the most fitting options for your budget or service your existing LP12. In-store we have the different levels of the Sondek LP12 on permanent display, ready to audition if you are interested in purchasing with us.

Complete Turntables

Majik LP12

Take the first step onto the LP12 ladder. Upgrade the components to any level, at any time.

Akurate LP12

Has an elegant design and exceptional performance, with upgraded sub-chassis, cartridge and tonearm.

Klimax LP12

The flagship LP12 that is the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction today using only precision engineered components.

Modular Design

All of Linn's LP12s are designed in a modular fashion and are upgradable at any point in time. This includes even the very first Sondek LP12s, all can be brought up to current features. If you have an existing Linn turntable and are looking to improve the output, consult our expert staff who are able to assist you in making the most benefitical choice within your budget.

Looking to purchase your first LP12? You're not restricted to the complete turntable options above. Instead, you can customise the various aspects of your turntable to fit your budget and create your personalised upgrade path. For advice on this, please contact us.

Arguably the most popular high-end turntable of all time in the UK, the LP12 has a reputation for being one of the finest... turntables around
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