With years of experience under our belts, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of bespoke hi-fi brands to suit most demands and budgets from the casual listener to the dedicated audiophile.

Whether you are looking for a completely new system, an upgrade path for your current system or just to replace a stylus (remember them?), our collection of components and accessories has something to enhance the listening experience of the most demanding modern connoisseur of music.

Naim Audio from the beginning has trusted their own sense to provide the best musical playback for the listener to bring forward the emotion that the artist intended when they first created the music, named the "Naim Audio Way".

Located in Teesdale, England, Neat Acoustics' speakers are widely considered to offer the very best in high-end audio reproduction. An exceptional choice for your current system or to pair our hand-selected brands.

The creators of the iconic Sondek LP12, Linn provides systems that are modular, upgradeable and designed for life carrying the name of the person who made it in Scotland.

Awarded the the Queen's Award For Technological Achievement in 1978, Quad has, over the years, made a major contribution to the improvement of sound quality. Every product in Quad's current portfolio has received international acclaim, reproducing music in a form that is the closest approach to the original.