Naim was founded in the early 1970s by Julian Vereker MBE (1945-2000), a self-taught engineer, passionate for music. Going against the norm and focusing on aspects of performance that made music burst to life, revolutionising the audio industry forever.

Since the founding of Naim Audio, Naim's products have won countless awards and recognition for their hi-fi audio equipment. In 2014 winning UK's highest business accolade, the Queen's Award for the third time.

We have a wide range of Naim's renowned products ready in our dedicated listening rooms for you to audition if you are interested in purchasing with us. Please contact us to confirm that your ideal setup is ready for you.

Buying a Naim Audio product is an investment in many years of incredible musical experiences. It’s a choice to make music a central part of your life.
The Naim Audio Way